Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bob Shrum apparently slams John Edwards in his new book. While I am no fan of Edwards, I believe that Shrum is not being completely honest in his portrayal of Edwards and something must have happened in the last year to sour their relationship. I attended a talk last year with Bob Shrum, which was followed by a question & and answer period sponsored by the Law Democrats. In the q&a period, he indicated that he thought it was Edwards and not Kerry who was the candidate best loved by Iowans and that if the Iowa caucus had lasted longer that Edwards would have won it. Therefore, I reason to suspect a recent deterioration in their relationship, which caused Shrum to lash out at Edwards.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Colorado doesn't look good for Republicans in 2008

According to Roll Call, which is corroborating a local report in the Rocky Mountain News, Bob Schaffer will enter the Republican Senatorial Primary in Colorado. Schaffer, was generally considered too conservative by party strategists in 2004, which is why Pete Coors was encouraged by many to run.

So, either party strategists underestimated Schaffer's broader appeal or alternatively Republicans are going to lose this seat unless they can convince someone else to run. Mark Udall, the likely Democratic nominee is considered a very formidable candidate.

Besides losing a seat, this will once again bring up the typical nonsense about how the West is going to become all Democratic in the next few years. Hopefully, the Republicans can find someone else or alternatively Schaffer will try to appeal to a broader spectrum of people this time around.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My previous post on Drudge was incorrect. is not the Drudge Report. That is I was fairly careless. I can only chalk it up to finals fatigue.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

$400 haircuts and yoga-Edwards is just your Average Joe

From a N.Y. Times Q&A with Russell Simmons:

"Are there any presidential candidates who inspire you?

I talk to John Edwards more than I talk to anyone. He has said more things about the conditions we need to think about. He went to yoga with me. He did the whole class, an hour and a half. He sweated like crazy. He’s in good shape, but it was hard on him."

This ridiculous gap between John Edwards' rhetoric and his lifestyle just grows more apparent by the day.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Why doesn't the President demand the same sort of loyalty from his appointees that he gives to them? George Tenet, was a Democrat who was originally appointed by Bill Clinton. He was routinely criticized by both Democrats and Republicans during his tenure, especially Richard Shelby who said numerous times that Tenet should be fired. Instead, the President keeps him, gives him an undeserved Medal of Freedom, and he repays the President by writing a tell-all criticizing this administration. Bush's biggest weakness is cronyism in hiring decisions. The worst part (see Brownie) is they are not even loyal in return.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Richardson is not ready for prime-time

Governor Richardson, who people believe is a plausible VP candidate or even a dark-horse for the President, made a few comments at tonight's debate that he will regret.

From Roger Simon at the politico:

"They all support Roe v. Wade (though when Bill Richardson was asked to name his “model” Supreme Court justice, he named Byron “Whizzer” White, one of only two justices to vote against it."

"Williams asked Richardson why he resisted asking for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ resignation “because he's Hispanic.”

(“He came from nothing; I know the guy,” Richardson said. “Did it affect me that he was Hispanic. Yeah, it did, and I said so. I think the American people want candor. They don't want blow-dried candidates with perfection.”)
More trouble for Apple founder Steve Jobs and by extension, Apple Board Member Al Gore. If Al Gore runs for President, this issue could really ruin his candidacy.
Harvard Professor Charles Fried in lehman's terms concludes that Justice Kennedy's majority opinion in the most recent abortion case sucks. I am not sure Fried is right in his conclusion regarding the "undue burden" precedent set out in Casey and this decision but as per my previous post he is correct about Kennedy's incoherence.