Friday, January 12, 2007

Charles Krauthammer makes some good points on the federal funding of stem cell research. However, regardless of the merits or drawbacks to the federal funding of stem cell research, the country as a whole is in favor of it and it is a divisive issue for Republicans. With a few exceptions, the Democrats are fairly united on the federal funding of stem cell research.

I cannot help but wonder if the best scenario for Republicans from a purely political standpoint, would be for the Senate to also pass the bill, a subsequent White House veto, and then an override of the veto (with a few conservative Democrats flipping to override and thereby breaking their campaign promise).

Presumably, this could take the issue off the table in '08 and help Republicans defeat Democrats in GOP-leaning districts. I admit there is the possibility of this backfiring but right now I think this is the best bet if there cannot be some kind of political compromise on the issue.


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