Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I hope Scooter Libby's defense is not going down this road. Libby has every right to be angry as it is not even clear that he committed a crime and if he did, it was probably inadvertent. That said, even in the event he is convicted he was almost guaranteed to be pardoned by the President if he stayed loyal. His career would be hurt by a conviction but not ruined (see Elliott Abrams).

However, if his defense is predicated on blaming everything on Karl Rove and claiming he was the White House's fall guy, he may be found not guilty but his political career is probably over and in the event he is convicted he may not get the pardon.

Currently, the Vice President is standing behind him (and I suspect will continue to do so), I am just hoping this doesn't become a huge media story where Joe Wilson is once again seen as this great victim.


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