Saturday, November 11, 2006

From Bob Novak's column: Novak
"One reason for hurrying Senate confirmation of Robert Gates as secretary of defense through the lame-duck session of Congress is to avoid confrontation with an old enemy: James Webb, who will be a Democratic senator from Virginia in the new Congress starting in January.
During President Reagan's second term, Gates and Webb clashed as colleagues. Webb as secretary of the Navy objected to plans by Gates, then deputy national security adviser, for U.S. warships to protect oil platforms in the Persian Gulf. The hot-tempered Webb made clear his irritation with the soft-spoken Gates.
Considering his background, Webb is likely to go on the Senate Armed Services Committee. The White House wants to confirm Gates before Webb is sworn in."

While it probably makes sense from a foreign policy standpoint to have Robert Gates confirmed as soon as possible, I don't believe the White House should be worried about Jim Webb. If Webb vocally clashes with Gates, it is going to hurt Webb in Virginia. He campaigned on a platform to end partisanship in Washington D.C. amongst other things. Mr. Gates barring any unforeseen revelation is going to be confirmed. The person most likely to get embarrassed and damaged politically through any clash is Webb.


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